Thursday, June 23, 2011

Move MMore 5k - June 19

When I started doing the Cto5k thing, my two closest friends insisted they wanted to run my first 5k with me.  Given that we are in summer months now, finding something that was just right (the right charity/event, location, time of day, etc) was a bit daunting.    But then we found the Move MMore 5k, which benefited the James Cancer hospital in our town (keeping the money local) as well as a research on Multiple Myeloma (which is the type of cancer my grandfather had).    The only catch was that it was on Father's Day . . . but my awesome husband, Tim, decided to run with us as well.

If there is one thing I've learned from Jenn, it's that it is all about the shirt. :)  Not only did we all score pretty cool tech shirts, but in picking up our "flair" packages I was able to check out a pretty cool (and large) running shop super close to my home, Front Runner.

I was so excited to have Jenn & Marie do this event with me.  Earlier in the year I gave Marie a copy of the book "Run Like a Mother" for her birthday.    I knew nothing about it -- I just liked the title. :)  She had just decided to train for a half marathon (which she ran in May) and I wanted to give her some things to help her obtain her goal.  The book has turned out to be a bible of sorts for the three of us and we've adopted the RLAM motto and wore our shirts to this event.  We are all "Badass Mother Runners" now!  {I highly, highly, highly recommend the book and they have an awesome facebook page, too!).    And to further add to her badass-ness, Marie pushed her triplet girls in the jogger for this race (on a morning after celebrating - late into the night - at a wedding the night before!). 

With this being my first running 5k {oh and did I mention I had only run 3 miles ONCE.  Ever??}, I started out way too fast.   Around .5 miles I felt like I was going to die.  Seriously.  So I had to walk way more than I would have liked -- it was humid, hilly and I couldn't seem to catch my breath.  But I kept a steady / fast walking pace on my "breaks" and I prayed to my grandfather to help me not pass out along the way (seriously.  I did!  I just asked him to help me not fail).  :) My goal was to finish in under 45 minutes.

I had told my friends - and husband - not to wait up for me.  I knew I'd be MUCH slower than everyone (I am still just a newbie!!) and so I settled into this routine of passing two ladies, they would pass me, repeat.  As I neared 2.8ish miles I saw Tim walking towards me.  He had finished and was coming to run with me to the finish line.  And so did Jenn.  I honestly wanted to cry!  Their support meant so much to me (and I know Marie would have too -- but she had her 3 little ones in tow!!). 

Before I get to the official details, I also want to throw a shout-out to my parents for donating to the cause and providing so much support from afar.  And also to my mother-in-law & father-in-law who not only came to cheer us on, but also kept my twins B&K occupied (they ran their own races -- over & over & over again) as well as donated to the cause, too.  Thank you so much!

Official Details:
Time: 43:12
Finish: 192/284 (thought there were walkers mixed in with this)
Age Group:  33/47


Allison said...

Congratulations!!!! I don't think there's any way I could finish in that time--that's great!

Anonymous said...

Woah, I'm on your inspirations list!? I meant to stop over and say hi sooner, but I'm a total procrastinator. Congrats on your 5K! Are you training for any other races right now?

BuckeyeBundle said...

You rocked your first race! I was so incredibly proud of you and am so thankful for you giving me the push I needed to reach my running goals! Here's to many more races under our (fuel) belts!