Monday, July 18, 2011

A blogdigity award!

I so didn't expect to get a shout out or a blog award so soon after starting this one, but one of my most favorite and inspiring blog friends, Sara, nominated me for this one.  Sara is so awesome.  I started reading her blog after Jenn started running MIT with her.  She is so positive and has been through so much in the short time I've "known" her -- she is just the bomb!  Thank you, Sara, for being so supportive and for this opporunity to share 7 random things . . . here goes:

1.  The state of Ohio has some sick pull over me. I have moved away and then back again 3 different times.    I was born here, went to high school in TN, moved back to OH to go to college at the University of Dayton and then started string where I lived in 5 different states over 10 years- Nashville, Dallas, Columbus OH, Huntington Beach CA, Chicago, back to Columbus.   We've been back in Columbus for 5 years now, which is sort of causing a moving itch - otherwise we may go broke with me redecorating our house over & over again.  (and for the record -- Chicago is by far my favorite.  While I do love Columbus - duh, I've lived here twice! - I miss Chi-town so much and would move back in a heartbeat!). 

2. I've worked in HR my entire career.  And every time we've moved I've considered making a career change . . . only to end up doing HR again.  Last year my company was acquired by a ginormous company and my job is being elminated in Sept (don't worry . . . I've known since last Oct.  Longest.farking.notificaiton.period.EVAH!).  Anywhoo, once again I'm considering doing something different {though I took an assessment today that showed that my strengths & personality are best suited for HR.  Figures}.  What do you do?  Any cool jobs out there?

3.  Speaking of working, one of the "careers" I'm not considering is being a stay at home mom.  I work for a reason and the only way I would stay home is if I could keep my nanny, too. :)  I'm a better mom because I work -- I NEED that break!  I went back to work when B&K were 8 weeks old (4 weeks home from the NICU) and I've never regretted it!

4.  I have a sick obession with Dave Matthews.  If you know me on FB you're probably sick of hearing me talk about it.  In the past 2 years I've seen Dave and/or DMB 5 times . . . and 4 of those times were traveling outside of Columbus (2 in Vegas, one in Chicago and one in Indy).  And trust me - I've tried every angle I could think of to go see him this year.  I haven't given up hope. Yet.

5.  I swear like a trucker.  And having two 3 yr olds has REALLY put a crutch on this.  I try very hard not to drop the F bombs on either of my blogs, but trust me . . . it takes a LOT to hold back. :)  So if you ever meet me in person -- I'm sorry.

6. While I enjoy a good wine, Vodka is my drink of choice.  Sweet Tea Vodka & I had a thing for a while, but now that I'm doing the Strong Body Cyber Training I've had to break it off a bit.  But trust me . . . I miss her so much. :) 

7.  My guilty pleasure is watching MTV's "Teen Mom".  Nothing makes me feel like mom of the year like watching some of these ladies flub their way through this mom gig.  Ahhh, fabulous!

I think I'm supposed to tag 7 people, but honestly most of the other blogs I read have been tagged already.  So if you have a blog and you'd like to play along I say go for it!  And please link back here so I can read all about you, too!

{if you are REALLY bored, check out a similar 7 random facts I completed almost 3 years ago on my family blog.  It was actually kind of fun for *me* to go back and read it, too.  Ha!}. 

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