Thursday, July 7, 2011

Strong Body Cyber Training - week 1

I do my check-ins with Rebecca on Sunday, but since I actually started late last week I figured I'll make Thursdays my weigh in day (for some reason, I don't have much success with weekends.  If I do weight/measurements before a weekend I'm more likely to be "good" over the weekend.  This fitness/weight loss thing is so mental, eh?). 

Anyhoo, I got on the scale this morning and I was down 4 lbs.  FOUR POUNDS, PEOPLE!  Holy moly!  Especially coming off of a holiday weekend.  Where I maybe wasn't as best as I probably could have been (you didn't read that, Rebecca!).  I made a point to eat less - for example, on occasions where we ate out I made a point to order a salad or only eat half of the portion I ordered.  I wasn't able to exercise as much as I would have liked, but I have completed all of the exercise groups she recommended at least once (chest, biceps, shoulders, abs).  And I've maintained my running schedule, though this heat is killing me and has been stealing my mojo.  Hard core. 

I took measurements this morning and I've dropped an inch in my waist, chest & hips.  Not too shabby.  I've been very diligent to stick to the calorie goal set forth for me and I only have one non water drink a day (normally an unsweetened iced tea in the morning).  Though I've always found diets or a change in my eating focus to be easier during the week.  So we'll see how this weekend goes.  I have a 5 mile run on the schedule for Sunday (or maybe Saturday).  Yikes.  I had hoped to walk less this time around and beat my time a bit from the last 5 miler.  We'll see.

Since part of this blog is to hold myself accountable, I'm putting this out here.  My progress thus far.  No holding back.


If you read my family blog you'll notice I don't often post pictures of myself.  That's because it is the reality of what I really look like these days (thus deflating this image I have in my head.  Ha!).  But another part of the cyber training is submitting pictures every week, too.  I haven't taken new pics for this week yet, so here are the first round of pictures I submitted to Rebecca.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, way to go! I've been told not to expect the scale to drop quite as much next week, but either way, I've lost about the same and it feels great!