Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beerathlon 5k - 7/16/2011

This could have also been called "Hell Run" because it was hotter than hell out side!!  Jenn & I picked this race back in January -- you know, when it was sub zero wind chills and we were sick of the gray that is Ohio 10 months of the year.  Little did we really think about the conditions of this race.  Mid-July.  7pm.  Yeeaaaah . . . but hey, the word "beer" was in the title of the race so it had to be fun, right??

We are in the midst of a "heat dome" -- 90+ temps and fricken redonculous humidity.  It is a small miracle no one passed out at this race.  Good news is I felt like a rock star for the first mile of this race.  I ran it in just over 13 min!  But then I turned a corner on the route and the sun was beating directly in my face and I had almost drank all of my water.  So like most of the other runners, I slowed down to a walk.  And stayed there until I hit the turn around at 1.5 miles.  I tried to run again, but would only make it in small spurts.  I did have a wonderful time chatting with another runner {who had also slowed to a walk} -- she was so positive and such a wonderful inspiration. 

My goals for this race were to beat my previous 5k time, get a free beer mug (our "medal") and not come in last (mainly because it wasn't a very large race).  I met 2 out of 3 of these goals . . . I scored a mug and I think there were maybe 10 people after me.  But I came in a minute slower than my previous time. 

Major thanks to Jenn, of course, for coming out to do this with me, even though she had lots of other unexpected stuff going on this week.  It was also super wonderful to have my mother-in-law Debbie, cousin Rachel and Aunt Anna Marie there to cheer (and most importantly drink afterward!).  And lastly I'd like to thank Marie and her Triple A team for coming out, too -- I could hear Anna, Ava & Alexis screaming "go Sara go!!" all the way down the hill as I came close to the finish line.  They.are.awesome! 

I'm not going to post the official time from the website because, honestly, I don't believe it (they didn't use timing chips, so for once I'm going to trust my Garmin time).  3.1 miles in 44:12 min.  (there really isn't any other breakdown -- age, etc. -- besides that). 

Jenn & I in our "uniforms"

Our Cheerleaders!

My "medal" (we also got nice tech shirts, but I haven't taken a pic of mine)

Even though we felt like puking, we HAD to have a drink.  Mine on the left (Summer Shandy), Jenn's on the right.

 Something else I'd like to boast about . . . I actually felt comfortable in the "Badass Mother Runner" shirt.  The last time I wore it -- not even a month ago -- I wore 2 layers because I didn't feel comfortable in it.  Thanks to the diet & training I've been doing this past month I actually felt comfortable & confident in my "uniform".  Totally awesome! 

{stay tuned for my weekly cyber training check in . . . I'm going out of town this weekend, but I hope to get a post up tomorrow.  I have taken my measurements on time . . . just not sure I'll get to document it!}


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Sara! I'm really questioning the judgement of all the race organizers that are scheduling events in the evening. It's gross out there!

Sara said...

Nice review! You look awesome in that shirt!!! And that beer looks great right about now - long morning at work!

I'm excited to hear more about how the Cyber training is going for you - keep up the great work because I can really tell it is paying off! Yay! Congrats on your accomplishments!!

Mandy said...

That shirt is awesome!

I have to admit - your cheerleaders are fabulous - who couldn't run with those cute girls cheering?

Way to go running a race in those crazy temperatures!

BabyBucko said...

I need an awesome cheering squad like you had! Go Sara Go!